Boston Terriers &  French Bulldogs
Producing beautiful healthy dogs for the show ring and for companions.

Gwenn Weyandt
Near Pittsburgh, Pa

The Boys


 2014 MBISS GCh. Weywood's Wizard of Melno Park "Edison"  son of Rocky and Eva. This young male finished at 13 months old with 4 majors- three of them from specialties. Not currently at public stud. Best in specialty show at  Western Pa BT club  8/14 and BISS Lenape BT Club 10/13 ,  BISS BTC of Maryland 4/16, BISS BTCNC 8/16 BTCD 2016. Multiple Group winner .  All wins are BREEDER OWNER HANDLED.

 Ch. Sunwoods Shady Deal "Jake" son of Hoss, Jake has been a great addition to our program. Producing beautiful kids. Jake is Baer , Cerf , Patella and JC dna normal. Owners Jill Ritchey and Gwenn Weyandt. Jake resides with Gwenn. Sire to Ch. Chaseland's Bernice Bullard multiple specialty WB, BOB over specials from the classes and multiple group winner.
2014 Chaselands Bass Bullard "Bass" son of our Jake, what an exciting addition to out home. Bass has gone breed from the classes for a 5 pt major. His first litter is just on the ground. Owner Gwenn Weyandt . Winners dog at the second Louisville 2014 specialty for a major. finished at the Greater Clarksburg kc 6/15/14 going BOb from the classes over specials for his third major.

  2011 BISS Gch Ch Weywood's Outragous Fortune" Charlie" Son of Eva and Nv . Charlie finished lightening fast show a total of 8 times winning 6 to complete his championship. Watch for Charlie in the specials ring. BISS at the 2013 BTCWP specialty. Cerf, Patella and  JHC Normal.
 Multiple BISS GCH Ch Lick-ya Weywood's Rockin Kid a Cruisin  Coupe-r
was Best In Specialty at the Boston Terrier Club of Western PA and at the Greater Atlanta Regional specialty the day before the National, with an entry of over 120 dogs.
Coupe-r" is a Rocky and Tin Lizzy son. Coupe-r is cerf, baer, patella and AHT JC normal. BTCA Futurity nominated stud dog. Couper and Rocky are the first boston terrier father and sons to get their Grand Champion Titles
2014 BISS GCH Weywood's Fortune Knocks, Eugene. pics to come of this handsome Rocky and Eva son. He is just staring his show career.  Specialty WD and best in Sweeps at both the Western Pa BT (5pt  majors at each) club and Detroit Bt clubs . Best opposite in sweeps at BTCA Regional specialty 2014.  BISS BTC of Louisville 3/15 , multiple group winner.


Ch Sunwood's Simon Sez  ROM  (deceased)  Simon is Cerf, BAER, DNA for JC and Patella normal 


2010 Ch.T-Party's Ez4U2Nv "NV" picked up his his majors at just 6 1/2 months old. NV is a Calvin son, out of Vera (Ch.Weywood's Rags to Riches) He is Cerf Baer and Patella normal. Nv was Best In Sweeps at the 2010 BTCA Regional Specialty in Atlanta, GA Nv is cerf baer, dna for Jc and patella normal. RETIRED


Chaseland Calvin Couture "Calvin"  Son of Elite's Calm Cool N Collected and Chaseland's Rockin Robin. CERF AHT DNA for JC and patella normal BTCA Futurity nominated stud dog retired

2012 Ch. Weywood's Hall of Fame "Dinero"  son of Liz and Calvin is currently being show by our daughter, Janee (8yrs old). He is Cerf , Baer and patella normal JC clear by parentage.   RETIRED
 Redbird and Tarbays MVP of Weywood "Albert" a  Coupe-r and Ch. Anchor and Tarbay's Nautical Storm "Naughty" son. Albert lives with his breeder Connie McCord. He is being shown on a limited basis. He is patella, cerf, baer and Jc normal Owners Connie McCord and Gwenn Weyandt




1. Boston Terrier Club of Detroit 2007

2. Western Boston Terrier Club 2007

3. Boston Terrier Club of Western Pa 2008

4. Boston Terrier Club of NY 2009

5. Louisville Boston Terrier Club - 2009

6. Greater Cincinnati Boston Terrier Club - show I- 2009

7. Greater Cincinnati Boston Terrier Club - show II - 2009

8.  Boston Terrier Club of NY 2010

9. Boston Terrier Club of MD-  show  I - 2010

10. Boston Terrier Club of MD - show II - 2010

11. Greater Cincinnati Boston Terrier Club - 2010

12. Greater Huston Boston Terrier Club- 2010

13. Boston Terrier club of Western Pa - Aug. 2010

14. Louisville Boston Terrier Club - March 2011

15. Louisville Boston Terrier Club II - March 2011

16. Greater Cincinnati Boston Terrier-  May 2011

17. Boston Terrier Club of Western PA - Aug 2011

 18. Boston Terrier Club of Louisville March  2012

19. Greater Cincinnati Boston Terrier Club, May 2012

20. Western Boston Terrier Club at the BTCA regional shows preceding the Nationals from the Veterans class May 2013

21. Boston Terrier Club of Western Pa from the veterans class with our Janee(who is 10) showing. August 2013

Rocky's Champion Offspring                                            

1.Ch. Weywood's Rich and Famous 2008 BTCA  regional specialty Winners Bitch with and entry of 63,  2007  Winners Bitch BTCD

2. Ch. Weywood's For Richer or For Poorer,   2008 BTCA regional specialty Best in Sweepstakes with over 60  entered,  2008  Winners Bitch BTCWP

3. Ch. Weywood's Rags to Riches,  2008 WB Lousville Specialty                   

4. M BISS GCh Lick-Ya Weywood Rockin Kid a Cruisin  2008 BTCD specialty Winners Dog Group placer.  2010  Best in Specialty @  BTCWP and Greater Atlanta Specialty the day before the national .  Multiple specialty BOB Winner..

5. Ch. Lick-ya Weywood's Sister Act.

6. Ch Weywood Omega's Rocky Rogue

7. GCh Weywood's Knockout Kismet 2009 BTCWP  Specialty Best in Sweepstakes

8. M BISS GCh Chaseland's Wellona Weltona 2009 BTCWP  Specialty Winners Bitch. Group Winner.  2011 BTcM back t back  BOB,  BTCMd  back to back BOB, Western BT club BOB

9.  Ch. Lick--ya Weywood's Catching Rays 2010 BTCWP Specialty Winners Bitch and BOW. Bethany finished with 4 majors.

10. Ch. Chaseland Burtona Beltona WB &BOW at Metro Washington Boston Terrier Club. Multiple BOB winner from the classes over group and specialty winning dogs.

11. Ch Lick-ya Weywoods a Dozen Roses for a T-Party WB Boston Terrier Club of  Louisville and Boston Terrier Club of  Cincinnati

12. HR. (Croatian) Ch Weywood's Rich Heritage

13. Ch. Weywood's Wanna Be Rich Like Me. WB at the BTCWP specailty in Canifield Ohio, 2010

14. CH. Chaseland's Leona Lappore Best pup in Sweeps BTcMD 2012, BSW BTcMD 2012, Puppy Gp1 Bulter KC 9-2012, BSW Mattaponi 2012
15. Ch.  Sunwood Because I am Bob That's Why,  Bob has multiple Best of Breed and group placements from the classes and Best in sweeps and  WD at the BTCWP specialty Aug. 2013

16.  MBISS GCh. Weywood's Wizard of Menlo Park 'Edison" WD at both NY specialties 2014 (4 pts each day) Best in Sweeps day 2 at Ny Specialty, WD at the 1st Louisville Specialty 2014 & Best in Sweeps at both Louisville Specialties. Championed WPKA 4-6-14

17.  BISS GCH Weywood's Fortune Knocks "Eugene"  See above for bio

Rocky is Baer, Cerf, Patella, Thyroid and AHT for JC normal

Rocky is no longer standing at public stud.

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